Day 13: College

Day 13: What’s your best memory from college?

This is a really simple question for me because the answer’s really simple too. Anytime I was in the library, anytime we were hiding out in a narnia study room, anytime we were still camped out in a study room at 2:00 A.M., anytime we got so exhausted we took to the floors to recuperate. Those are my best memories from college. I made best friends out of those moments, went though some of the most dramatic scenes of my life, and laughed so hard I could barely breathe.

I remember one time, it was just me and Kristi, and we were furiously writing papers right around finals time. We were both on the struggle bus that night, and then I had the brilliant idea to set us a timer. I set my phone to sound an alarm (like, a blaring “This is not a drill!” alarm) after every fifteen minutes, and we promised ourselves that we’d have at least another 100 words by the time the timer went off. And it worked, it really worked. It also scared us half to death every time the alarm went off. Maybe it’s just the nostalgia, but it feels like quintessential college to me. And if anyone ever makes a movie of my life, I want that scene in it, non-negotiable.

Honorable library moment mentions to:

1. That time when I fell out of my chair and just stayed on the ground because I was completely done with life.
2. That time when Aimee made the biggest scene in the history of Joyner.
3. All the times we made up games for the sake of procrastination.


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