Day 12: The One That Got Away

Day 12: Out of everyone you’ve ever dated or crushed on, who do you consider “the one that got away”—the one you put on a pedestal and compare every other girl/guy to?

For there to be a true “one who got away,” I think there first has to be a “one.” I’ve never had a serious relationship or an actual “one,” so this blog post is going to have a different spin, and I’m going to tell a little story. 

For the sake of anonymity, and knowing that the person this is about could read it, it’s going to be pretty devoid of details. But the message is there. I’ve said that I don’t have a “one that got away,” but I do regret not taking a chance with someone. I’d known this person for a while at the time, and we were strictly just friends. As far as I was concerned, there were absolutely no romantic intentions from either of us. Yet, there was this one time. Nothing happened, but we did have a moment. The moment where you catch yourself looking into each other’s eyes, everything gets quiet, and something just clicks. At that point, we both knew a kiss was imminent, it was just that moment.

But we didn’t. 

It’s been a few years, and we’re not friends anymore. But I still regret not going for it in that moment, and finding out what could have been. No, he’s not “the one that got away,” but he is the one I never gave a chance to. And that kind of sucks.


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