Day 6: Unbelievable Story

Day 6. What’s your favorite unbelievable but true story to tell?

I don’t know how “unbelievable” this story is, but it’s one of my favorites.

My brother is roughly four years older than me, and as a kid, his favorite things soon became my favorite things too. Movies were particularly vulnerable to this concept. To this day, I’m not exactly sure if Hook is my favorite childhood movie because it actually is my favorite, or if it’s because it is was his favorite childhood movie first and I had to watch it several times a day without option.

Anyway, the story starts off like this. One day, my brother and I were playing at the house. I was about three, so that made him about seven (depending on the time of year). Obsessed with everything Hook and Peter Pan, I’m told we were pretending to be Peter and Tinkerbell. Silly Madre must have turned her back for a moment, because suddenly, she supposedly heard a loud thud, immediately followed with intense shrieking and an awkward trip to the hospital. Dearest brother Matthew took make-believe a bit too far (or perhaps he had a villainous spirit in his youth) and brought imaginary Pixie Dust into the game. Now, the game wouldn’t be entirely realistic unless Tinkerbell could fly, right? And as a three year-old Tinkerbell, I completely trusted the seven year-old Peter Pan to sprinkle actual Pixie Dust on my head. Subconsciously, I don’t think I’ve trusted him since.

I leapt off the couch, fully expecting my freshly acquired Pixie Dust to carry me at least as far as the front door. But alas, I only made it two feet over and three feet down, face first into the glass-topped coffee table. Thankfully, the table was not damaged, as that would have gotten us in trouble. No one could say the same for my face, but at least it was temporary insurance against punishment. From the dozens of times I’ve heard this story, the hospital visit was not a pleasant one, and I can only imagine recounting the story of how it happened to a doctor. No lasting damage from the incident, but needless to say, I don’t think we were allowed to play with “Pixie Dust” anymore.


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