Day 10: Names

Day 10: It happens to the best of us: you meet someone, they tell you their name, and you automatically make assumptions about them based on the one piece of information they’ve offered. What names cause you to develop preconceived notions about people?

Starting with the positive, I have a thing about the name Josh. I don’t think I’ve ever met a Josh that I didn’t have a crush on. I dated one for a little while too. It’s like a Mean Girls thing: I don’t like boys ’cause they’re named Josh. They’re named Josh ’cause I like them. “J” names in particular are my favorite. I automatically assume good things from people named “Josh”. I like old names (Walter, George, Frances, Agatha, Stella, Henry). If you have an old sounding name, I automatically assume you’re a pretty cool person because clearly, your parents were.

On to negative names, and an exception to my love of “J” names: Jared. Jared is my least favorite name (Dustin is right there with it though). I know there are lovely Jareds in the world (Jared Padalecki, ahem), but I am not a fan of that name. I have bad memories of kid’s named Jared from middle school, just the worst, and they’ve forever robbed that name of any goodness. Other names with bad vibes: Girl “B” names were everywhere in high school and they always seems like they must have been the popular girl (Brielle, Brianna, Blair, Bethany, Bianca, Bella). Everybody knows those names they were really common in high school, where there were three and four of them per class? Those were never my favorite, and I’m happy that I only had that problem once or twice.


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