Day 5: The Universe

5. How do you feel about fate, coincidence, and “the power of the universe?”

Above all things, I believe in the power of the Universe. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m not religious in the least bit. That’s not to say I’m against faith and spirituality as concepts, because I accept fate, karma, and spirit as a part of everyday life.

I’ve always believed in free will and that I have control over all my decisions, even though fate does have a say. It’s like the scene in Supernatural where Lucifer says to Dean, “Whatever you do, you will always end up…here. No matter what choices you make, whatever details you alter, we will always end up…here.” I believe that every life has pivotal moments, places you’re supposed to wind up, things that are supposed to happen, and people you’re supposed to meet. That’s what makes us who we are. Some people say that there are no coincidences, and I agree with that in the sense that it can’t be just “coincidence,” because that particular moment was supposed to happen in your life.

Almost two years ago, my mom and I were involved in a horrible automobile accident. Thankfully, we weren’t injured at all, not even a scratch on the car. We had just gotten onto to the highway leaving IKEA, and hadn’t been on the road more than ten minutes when it happened. Out of nowhere, a large van (like a company/work van, the kind with ladders on top?) veered out of the westbound lanes, crossed the wide center median under an overpass, narrowly missed our car and the car in front of us as it passed perpendicular to us, and slammed into the empty multi-car carrier truck just to our right, all while everyone was traveling at cruising highway speed. I remember seeing the van come right toward us, and everything went silent in my head. We stopped immediately and were shocked by how incredibly lucky we were to have emerged from it unscathed, especially when others were not so fortunate. For days afterward, I was stuck in an eerie calm, unable to process what had happened, only able to talk about it as if I wasn’t even there. Without a doubt, I could have died on that road. If my mom had been driving a hair faster, we would have been directly in the van’s path. If the car-carrier next to us was full, the force of the van slamming into the truck could have toppled it on top of us. If car driving behind us had been looking down at his radio in the seconds that the accident happened, he could have rear-ended us. But none of that happened. Honestly, I believe that the only reason we and the driver in front of us weren’t hurt that day was because we weren’t supposed to be. There’s no other explanation for how that van passed in between our two cars at that exact moment, when within seconds on either side, it would have squarely hit one of us.

Fate and the power of the Universe are what keep us going and make us who we are. They influence all of our decisions and events, and there’s nothing we can do about it. I wouldn’t have it any other way though.


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