Day 4: Something New

4. Try something new today; blog about it.

My first instinct with this challenge was to make it food-related. Inside joke with Kristi: Eating! It’s all I know how to do.

Anyway, I convinced Madre to try a new restaurant for dinner. That qualifies for (yesterday’s) post right? There are a ton of restaurants right in my area, but it’s so easy to get into a slump with the same few places. We ventured out to a neighborhood Italian place last night, Casa San Carlo in Raleigh. I’ve passed by it hundreds of times driving around, but never went before. Glad I finally decided to check it out, because the food was really good! Instead of typical rolls before dinner (which they also had and weren’t so great), the bread basket had a few pieces of tomato bruschetta that were fantastic. A bit strange that the menu was gigantic and the waiter rattled off about a dozen specials, but the food is pretty good for an unknown kind of restaurant. We both ordered the scallops, shrimp, and fettuccine special. Portions were huge, always a plus, and I ate the leftover pasta again for lunch today. I think we’ll definitely be back. Yay for trying something new and finding a great restaurant!


2 thoughts on “Day 4: Something New

  1. Trying something new IS hard to do. I live in a really ethnic neighourhood and I stick to what I know, I’m always too scared to go in and order something from like, the Jamaican place, and it be horrible. But maybe its time to try that beef patty afterall.

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