Day 2: To the Future!

2. Describe your ideal future. What’s your family like? Are you married with kids? Working at your dream job? Hobbies? Travel? Let your imagination run wild.

I’m currently watching the Oscars while writing, so this post may be a bit short. Deciding to do this one in list-form to make it simpler.

Family: I can’t see myself with a big family. As nice as it looks on Parenthood, being around so many people all the time would eventually drive me crazy. I can see myself living alone, but in close proximity to all the important people in my life. But marriage? Yeesh the concept of being attached to another person is too much commitment. I’ve never met anybody I could see myself married to, so maybe that’s why it feels so foreign though. (Not going to knock a wedding though, because that seems like fun.) The marriage part though, just not feeling it. Kids are almost universally out of the question for me. Babies terrify me, and they’re so fragile! I’d be the parent who stares at them at all times to make sure they’re breathing and never let them outside because outside is dangerous. I’d be an awful, stressed, nutcase of a parent. I’m happy being an aunt.

Work: Pessimism is a horrible trait, but it’s one I can’t seem to escape. I’m constantly plagued by a combination of pessimism and planning for the worst-case scenario. My dream job is to be editor of an academic film journal. I also have high hopes of becoming a university professor of media studies, and basically emulating my favorite professors. As amazing as that would be, I have horrible anxiety about never finding a job and winding up highly educated and stuck at minimum wage jobs. Sometimes I wish my ambitions were more practical, or at least more attainable. Side note: I’d love to work from home. I’m a homebody at heart. I’d have different floors in my house for work and living, and I’d hardly ever have to leave!

Place: I see myself living major city-adjacent. Still in walking distance from major city attractions, but in a residential neighborhood. Like, a residential historic district in Philadelphia or Boston would be perfect for me. Sub-major city is probably a better term. I don’t think I could live in LA or New York or London, but Philly, Boston, Atlanta, I would love it. Ideally, I want to rent a house too. A forever rental where I can customize everything and renovate to my heart’s content, but still gives me the freedom to move on whenever I want. And doesn’t come with a scary mortgage!


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