Day 1: All the Foods

1. Document everything you eat for a whole day.

I chose a horrible day to document everything I’ve eaten. Well, not horrible, but it wasn’t good.

First off, I skipped breakfast accidentally because I didn’t wake up until 11:00. One of the perks of being unemployed. Then, Madre made a unilateral decision that we must go to IHOP as she’s been craving it and we have a gift card. Even though I cleaned my plate (*cough cough* plates), I insist it was all under protest. My mom really is her own worst enemy and mine when it comes to dieting. I have to choose my battles over where we eat. As you’ll see, dinner time became a nightmare over food preferences. Eating out is such a hard habit to break, and it’s infinitely harder when neither party of a dieting team is willing to crush the other’s bad intentions. I have days when I want to eat out and eat very badly, and I wish I had someone to kick my butt and just say, “No, we’re eating healthy tonight,” and take all that temptation away.

My IHOP feast. So good.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3
And you know what?

Since one of my biggest food problems is snacking constantly, being out of the house is a great way for me to avoid that issue altogether. I spent most of the afternoon at a paint-your-own pottery studio (pictures to come once it’s finished!). I felt a little less awful about my delicious breakfast because it was technically a lunch, so at least I wouldn’t be eating three gigantic meals today.

Dinnertime rolled around and we already knew the menu would consist of the defrosted chicken breasts in the fridge. Madre volunteered to cook, only she planned to coat the chicken in breadcrumbs and pan fry it. Is that really necessary, honestly? I asked if we could instead just season it, sear it in a pan, and cook it in the oven. “No, it’ll be dry that way!” Um, no it won’t. I commented about the extra calories that method would add. “What does it even matter, we ate at IHOP this morning!” Yes, but it’s not like I wanted to go, I just gave in. And yes, it does matter, because coating in flour, egg, bread crumbs, and frying in a tablespoon or two of butter adds way too many unnecessary calories. The most ridiculous part is that when I asked if I could just cook my chicken breast separately minus bread crumbs, Madre was so insulted you would have thought I had just told her she’s an awful cook and I would rather eat dog food than her breaded chicken. It was that extreme. In fact, she was so hurt that she went to take a nap (her form of running upstairs and slamming the door) and skipped dinner altogether. I made a baked chicken breast (with chicken seasoning and olive oil) for myself, with a veggie salad and low-cal pasta side dish. It’s now been an hour since I ate, and Madre has silently left the house, I assume to go pick up some kind of fast food for her own dinner. #thefoodstress

photo 4

Even though I’m generally against eating after 7:00, I’m planning on a small dessert later tonight to ward off late-night cravings. Without a firm sleep schedule, I find myself wanting to snack as it gets toward midnight and later. A few days ago at the grocery store, I discovered Thomas’ banana bread flavored english muffins. Oh my gosh, amazing. They’re only 150 calories and they actually taste like banana bread. Dessert will be an english muffin with a handful of blueberries.


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