Day 28: Dream House

28. What does your dream house look like? You can describe the inside and outside or use photos you find online—whatever works best for you.

This post is gonna be picture-heavy, for the most part. And I’m only doing exterior stuff, because if I didn’t I would spend my entire day on the Internet googling.

Important things about my dream house:

1. It will be old, very old. Pre-1925 minimum. Pre-1900 would be incredible.
2. It will be purple. Maybe not allllll purple, but significantly purple.
3. It will have the original character and charm of an old house, in a Victorian (Queen Anne or Italiante), and I prefer to be apart of the restoration process to preserve and bring back these features. It will have a gothic look, kind of like a witch’s house, but a nice witch. Like Hilda and Zelda’s house from Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.
4. Windows are the most important feature to me. I need huge, gigantic, floor to ceiling windrows in antique, old-fashioned blown glass, energy efficiency be damned. The cold never bothered me anyway.

On to the pictures!


source Could it be any more perfect.

source I have died and gone to Heaven. It is this house.

source The details, it’s like a gingerbread house.

Fall is in the air. Alamo Square, San Francisco, CA.<br />
Happy Thanksgiving!
Arcata, California
source Look at the porch entrance. LOOK AT IT!

source This one! When can I move in?


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