Day 22: Ten Possessions

22. The government has decided that besides basic needs like food and clothing and shelter, each person may only have 10 possessions. This is a variation of the “you’re stuck on an island” thing. What 10 items do you decide to keep?

Kudos to Kristi (I think it was Kristi?) for finding an interesting way to re-phrase the “stuck on an island” question! Now I won’t have to be the dorky person who plans to take a boat, fire supplies, and non-perishable food. Since the necessities are covered, here are my ten possessions:

#’s 1-5 Full on computer package:  Macbook (all charging materials included!), Basic Internet (all the free and public sites), Netflix (with everything available in streaming), Spotify (any music service really), and Headphones

What a world it would be if Internet access was something we had to ask for, not a public service. I don’t remember where I first heard it, but I know there’s a joke about how people found information before the Internet. If you didn’t know something, you used to be content to just not know it. I can’t imagine not being able to look something up at a moment’s notice, to not be able to know everything and anything, or at least have the ability find out. As a culture, we’ve become so addicted to screens and technology that I honestly consider the Internet and its services to be basic necessities for my life. Headphones too, because duh. I guess it’s tacky to include this on my possessions list, but I’ve never been an overly sentimental person.

#6 Gas Stove: So I can cook delicious food!

#7 Library Card: There are still libraries, right?

#8 Photo albums: I’m not a complete robot, I’m just not aggressively human. Especially the old family photos. They’re important to me.

#9 My Tempur-Pedic Pillow: I can’t sleep without it #Firstworldproblems

#10 My Dog: NOT THAT I CONSIDER ANIMALS POSSESSIONS, there’s something barbaric about that. But there’s something about having my dog around that’s so comforting. I’ve always had a family dog, so not having one around is greatly upsetting to me.


One thought on “Day 22: Ten Possessions

  1. Yeah the island thing always ends with people bringing boats and phones and ways to get off the island which isn’t really the point of the question.

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