Day 21: The Stuff I Can’t Get Rid Of

21. Post a photo of something you’ve had for years and don’t really need or even want but can’t bear to part with because of its significance.

I tried to find something interesting to show you guys besides the family junk drawer, named “the drawer”. Does everyone have one of those? It’s the last resort for things that can’t be thrown out, but have absolutely no purpose anymore. “Where is it? Check the drawer.”

Anywho, I didn’t think I was a hoarder, but I’m a bit frightened by how many options I had for today’s challenge. I settled on this pretty cool vintage Barbie that’s lived in my closet for the last twenty years. Apparently someone bought it for me as a present when I was three. It came in a fancy box, the kind that screamed collector’s edition (Don’t worry, it’s a major reproduction, not valuable). And it had a compartment inside that looked like it would hold neat accessories and costume changes. I begged for years to open it but was always shot down. The anticipation, the curiosity! Last year mom finally consented. What a letdown. No extra clothes, the inner compartment was only a storage box, and her only accessories were a pair of shoes and sunglasses. In her black and white striped swimsuit, she looks a lot like Taylor Swift, amiright?



Now that the Barbie’s opened she has no more mystery. She’s just a doll. Part of me wants to just give it away or sell her on Ebay rather than shoving her up onto the top shelf to collect dust. Ever since Toy Story, I feel bad for all the shelved toys. But it’s like the Beanie Babies. One day they’ll be valuable again just like we were promised.


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