Day 16: Sad Songs

I did not do yesterday’s post. Bad blogger. But it’s not my fault! I only left the house once yesterday to get a pedicure and there was no one to take a picture of. I know, first world problems. No one else did it either, so NBD whatevs.

On to today.

Here are my top 5 sad songs. Not all of them reduce me to a blubbering mess, but at least put me into a sad funk kind of headspace.

#1: Nara by E.S. Posthumus. Yes, it’s also the theme to Cold Case. It’s just so powerful. If I ever have a movie made about my life, this needs to be the song that plays during the most dramatic moment as I’m running away from it, wild-eyed and crying with the wind in my face.

#2: How I Go by Yellowcard. Well, this one reminds me of my Dad, so instantly makes me emotional. He was always big on telling stories and a bit of a fortune cookie with the metaphors. It was written about Big Fish, which is one of my favorite movies, bonus points.

#3: Pure Imagination by Glee Cast. Okay, I know it’s Glee and that should automatically disqualify, but this song is so precious. It’s from back when Glee wasn’t a complete trainwreck, so gimme a pass. And the way they used it in the scene is heartbreaking. I cried watching it performed and it still makes me teary listening to it.

#4: Brokeback Mountain Score by Gustavo Santaolalla. Gustavo’s score for Brokeback Mountain is my go-to “I need to have a good cry” soundtrack. The five main tracks are “Opening”, “Brokeback Mountain 1”, “Brokeback Mountain 2”, “Brokeback Mountain 3”, and “The Wings”. I love listening to it in this order because they mirror Jack and Ennis’ relationship. Especially in 1, 2, 3, as their relationship become more intense and chaotic, the music begins to combine more elements. It’s a full transition from Ennis’ solitary existence in “Opening”, where hardly a single note or instrument overlaps another, to “The Wings” where music from all facets of Ennis’  life meshes together beautifully. Here’s the song to a fan vid, just for the feels.

#5: Jersey (cover of Mayday Parade) by Justin Robinett and Michael Henry. I found these guys on YouTube and I love them. They’re awesome, so check them out. Jersey became my anthem for a few months during college after a bad time. I still love it, but now it takes me back to that place. Mayday Parade’s version is great, but the piano cover lets the sentiment out a little more than the original. And it’s plain kick-ass.


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