Day 10: Recipe Challenge

10. Find a fancy recipe that intimidates you. Cook it, post pictures, and share the results.

So it appears I’m the only one who actually participated in today’s challenge. I came up with this one for me because I like cooking, so it’s not a big deal. I wasn’t sure what to make, but I had thought about making a soufflé, because it’s the hardest thing I could think of. After pinterest searching for something I could make in a relatively small quantity (it’s only for me), I settled on a chicken pot pie. It’s fun to make and somewhat challenging, but will still work well for leftovers.

First off, chicken pot pie takes forever. Make the dough. Try not to eat the dough. Chill the dough. Bake the chicken. Only eat a little bit of the chicken. Cook the sauce. Hope it thickens. Add the veggies. Make it a pie. Bake for an HOUR. All in all, takes way too long for a singular meal. But damn is it worth it. IMG_0445Dough, delicious dough. The best smell in the world.

Double excited today because this recipe gave me the chance to use my new dutch oven!
Put it all together and…
CHICKEN POT PIE. Please ignore the mutant crust. I like the crust. So I made a second one.


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