DAY 9: Contact someone you miss

9. Whether it’s an old friend or an old flame, most people have at least one person that they miss. Pick a person you miss and contact them.

This is one of the topics I was most dreading. I’m an anti-social person by nature, so initiating contact with someone I haven’t talked to in awhile is not an appealing concept. But, there are people I wish I hadn’t lost touch with, and one that I feel guilty about. If I was going to go through with this (my other two challenge co-competitors also cheated today), I’d reach out to Jeff, my first friend in college.

Technically, Jeff and I met before college, at freshman orientation. There was an awful ice breaker game where the orientation assistant made us turn to our neighbor and introduce ourselves. Our nametags showed our names and high school, and I saw that Jeff went to the rival high school of mine, so the first thing I said to him was, “I guess we’re supposed to be enemies or something?” By the way, it was pretty clear that neither of us had any sports ties to our schools. In fact I had never been to a single athletic event during high school, a record I was able to maintain throughout college as well. Anyway, when the OA turned us loose to explore campus, Jeff and I spent the day together roaming info sessions and testing the seriously misleading menu at the dining hall. We kept in contact a little over the summer, and met up again once we were back at school.

Until about junior year, Jeff and I were fairly good friends. We even worked an overnight stocking summer job together between sophomore and junior year. But then we started to grow apart. We were in different majors, had different interests, and at least for me, I was becoming closer with new friends which meant less time for old friends. It was like Jeff was sort of replaced. I usually find myself in a group of three main friends, me and two others. Jeff used to be apart of it, and then somehow Kristi stole his place. Honestly I should have subbed out different early friend and saved a lot of drama in senior year. Really, I’m a horrible person, I don’t know what people are friends with me at all.

By senior year Jeff and I hardly spoke at all and now that we’re both graduated, I know I can’t just wait until the next time I bump into him on campus. I feel really badly about how I handled my friendships, and that I basically phased him out. There’s always college reunions I guess. To Jeff: Sorry I phased you out. I was an ass, and I did it purely because I’m not capable of having more than two friends at a time.


One thought on “DAY 9: Contact someone you miss

  1. Hahaha. I feel bad about that too. If I could see into the future I would have definitely recommended getting rid of the third person in our group and kept Jeff instead.

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