Day #2: Guilty Ple…

2. Guilty pleasures: we all have them. What are yours?

First of all, I find today’s topic absolutely grotesque. Thank you to Kristi, who came up with this one. I despise the word pleasure and it physically hurts me to say it out loud. Around the “szh” syllable, I subconsciously pause and it only draws out the awkwardness of the word. I actually tweeted about this the other day, but ple… is to me what moist is to others. This scene from Bruce Almighty is the most uncomfortable I have ever been.

Anyway, on to the topic. I have them, and I will henceforth only refer to them as GPs. I don’t necessarily feel guilty about any of these, maybe a little embarrassed though.

1. Pretty sure I’ve said this before, but disaster movies are a big GP of mine. Be they natural disaster, political, alien, apocalyptic, or historically based, I love them. And I will not let Rotten Tomatoes judge me for loving The Day After Tomorrow (Roland Emmerich, 2004).
2. I have a habit of searching for available houses in dream neighborhoods. A maximum price is not one of my search criterion, but a 100+year old home, original hardwood floors, and a gorgeous six-burner gas range certainly are.
3. Northern accents, specifically New York area. There’s just something about it, I’ve always found it comforting. I’ll watch repeats of Long Island Medium just to listen to Theresa’s accent. Sidenote: who doesn’t love a Boston accent?
4. Sour Patch Kids, ’nuff said.


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