What I’ve Been Watching on TV

I haven’t blogged anything today and I really don’t lose the mojo just yet, but I have no idea what to blog about. So, for today’s eleventh hour post, I’ll be talking about the tv shows I’ve been watching in the past few weeks.

I was told that I absolutely have to watch ABC Family’s The Fosters. Going from previous ABC Family dramas (Secret LifeSwitched at BirthPretty Little Liars), I was not too enthused about The Fosters‘s prospects. Having nothing else to do, I marathoned the first season in less than 24 hours. There are aspects of the show I completely fell in love with. Lena and Stef are perfect parents and partners, Jude is the most adorable child of all time, and that house! Pretty pretty please can I live in that house? It’s my dream house. I remember the episode of Mariana’s quince as the episode I fell in love with the show, all because of Stef’s line to Lena: “This is her party but you can cry if you want to.” Seriously, after that moment, I was sold. The entire show could be about Stef and Lena (and Jude) and I would love it just the same. Probably a little more, because the show’s low points, in my opinion, are Brandon and Mariana. I think the pair’s acting is a bit sub-par compared with other cast members. The show’s honesty/realism is refreshing and its confrontation with realistic problems is palatable for an all-ages audience, even though most issues skew toward the teenage crowd.


Also started and finished the first season of House of Cards on Netflix. I never though it would be my kind of show, but I could help getting sucked into Frank Underwood’s web of scandal and snarky direct addresses. It’s an engrossing world to be sure, but I don’t think I would have been so easily addicted if I couldn’t watch all thirteen episodes at one. Week by week, I would have gotten bored because political shows aren’t my thing. If you’re into that kind of thing, you’ll love this though, I promise. There’s not a dull moment and Frank Underwood is everything that’s wrong with politics, but you’ll love to hate him. Maybe you’ll just love him, that’s okay too.

Let’s see, what else? Oh, I got back on the How I Met Your Mother bandwagon. I cannot wait for this show to end and be out of my life forever. I gave up on it during the eighth season, but re-watched it yesterday to be caught up. Now I’m marathoning the ninth so I can be caught up for the finale. It’ll probably be a Twitter event, so have to be prepared. It’s not even a love/hate relationship anymore. It’s complete exasperation, but I’ve come so far I can’t throw in the towel now. What is this power you hold over me, HIMYM?!


As always, I’m watching Friends too. I begged and begged and begggged for the complete series box set for Christmas and I got it! So yeah, those DVDs have been in constant circulation since Christmas day. Currently on season 3. And guess what DVDs have: PRODUCER COMMENTARY FTW.

In case you didn’t know, I’m a huge Friends fan and a total Geller. Chandler Bing is my spirit animal forever. You can ask me what episode I’m on whenever because I’ll always be in a perennial re-watch.



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