30-Day Blog Challenge

Posting twice today, woo me! Must keep the blogging streak alive so I’m starting a 30-Day Blog Challenge with two of my friends and fellow new bloggers, Kristi (ilovegypsylife) and Brittany (TBA). It’s called the Zero to Hero Challenge created by The Daily Post, and seems like a great challenge for brand new blogs. They’ll be posting a new topic every day and I’ll be doing my best to keep up with it.

First day’s task is to introduce yourself. Well, I’m not very good at that and I already have an “About Me” page. Another part of the first day’s task is to explain why I’m blogging, which I guess I haven’t done yet. As I’m unemployed at the moment, I don’t have a lot going on in the to-do list department. Blogging is a good way to fill the time and feel productive in between Netflix binges and endless naps. I don’t have much of a plan or focus with this blog, but it’ll probably run like a journal of opinions? I minored in film studies in college, and I’m currently applying to media studies grad programs. Safe bet that a lot of my posts will be media/movie/tv centric once I get past all of this intro business. I’ve started a Movies of 2014 category, so check that out from time to time.

Speaking of college, I moved back home after graduating in May 2013. I had an internship for a few months, but now I’m sitting at home doing nothing again. Being at home with mom again is safe and easy, but it’s also frightening to see how comfortable I’ve become after only a few months here. Security stifles any chance of ambition.

And the blog name: I’m a little too attached to Jeff from Jeff, Who Lives at Home (Jay Duplass and Mark Duplass, 2011). I love Jeff as a character and as a spirit animal but I need to keep busy or I will become Maggie, Who Lives at Home forever.


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