It’s Resolution Time

Motivation, willpower, and persistence have never been my strong suits. More like laziness, procrastination, and giving up.  Since the whole world is planning out 2014 New Year’s Resolution’s at the moment, time to give it a go. Honestly it’d be a miracle if I could meet any one of these goals, so here we go, TOP 10.

1. Exercise! Lol, no. But maybe. I don’t know, we’ll see. I doubt it. It’s like a resolution-making crime to not include exercise, right?


2. Watch all of the movies in my Netflix Queue. All of the movies I pretend I’ve seen and couldn’t possibly admit to never having watched. Me: “Oh, I’ve seen parts of that movie!” Translation: “I’ve seen the trailer and I’m basing my views on its Rotten Tomatoes score.”


3. Is it a bad thing that I’ve seen every episode of Friends multiple times, but have never watched a single episode of The Wire? Next year I will  watch the “best of television” series. (and I’ll make Kristi do it too!)


There’s more!
4. Read all the books! Seriously, there are not enough hours in the day for reading. Planning to build a reading list on Goodreads. Check out my widget below.


5. Be more neat and organized. My madre always jokes that I leave a trail of sloppy everywhere I go. Truthfully, I’m a very messy person.

6. Lose weight. I’m not intending to be in the gym for hours, or eat only salads for months on end, but it would be really nice if all my pants fit. Truth time, I’ve been very uncomfortable with my weight since I came home from college.


7. Same wavelength as #6, I want to stop eating out so much. When I’m at home, Madre and I eat out more often than we eat in. It’s a problem. Of all the resolutions, I think this one is the most attainable. New plan: Eating healthier at home, and eating out twice a week, max.
How I imagine my healthy eating presentations go

8. Make a budget, and build a savings account like a grown-up. Looking at that bank statement every month gives me the sads.


9. Wear all the clothes in my closet instead of only a select few items in constant rotation.


10. This one’s just for me. I’m going to finish all the pages in my new coloring book, Outside the Lines: At Artists’ Coloring Book for Giant Imaginations. It’s been my best purchase of 2013. Buy it, it’s amazing.


Here’s to 2014 and new disappointments!


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